Janna’s Successful Vaginal Birth After Cesarean

Janna’s Successful Vaginal Birth After Cesarean

Janna was traumatized from her first birth. She did not want a repeat of what happened with her first born.

This time round, she wanted to be as informed as possible and to reach out to others to get more information. Through a mutual friend, she met Doula Fadillah! Janna and her husband fell in love with Fadillah and her way of feeding them with all the information they needed. Janna wanted to have more control of her body and the process!

Janna was still busy working up till the day before she gave birth, one week before her expected due date! She was looking forward to her first natural birth. She was doing all the right things. She was being active, keeping herself hydrated and being happy and loved. She listened to her body and was confiding with her Doula, Fadillah, for assurance. Was it a breezy pregnancy this time? 

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This podcast is facilitated by Nurjanna Ng, Director of Soul Singapore and Fadillah Yusope, Doula at Birth Mayya.

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