Babywearing from newborn to toddler and its benefits

12 Amazing Benefits of Babywearing

Photo credits to Aishah Jamal

Why should you wear your baby?

Babies need to be held close and snug. It is biologically natural, and it’s their most basic need to thrive in the out of womb environment. Realistically, it isn’t possible to snuggle with your baby all the time. Parents and caregivers have so much to do, be it work, household chores, or attending to an older sibling. Babywearing can help the caregiver and baby in more ways than you may have realised.

Here are 12 beautiful benefits of Babywearing!

1. Babywearing can help newborns and premature babies develop and thrive

Premature and newborn babies thrive when they are being held and soothingly touched. It helps babies relax and regulates their hormones and circadian rhythm so they can healthily gain weight, grow, and develop positively.

2. Babywearing reduces crying in babies and helps them sleep better

Carried babies are known to cry less because being held keeps them calm. They can hear the parent’s heartbeat like they did in the womb, which soothes them. The warmth and comforting smell of the parent’s body tells them they are in a safe place which helps them sleep better. 

 Photo Credits to Denise Tay

3. Babywearing may prevent postpartum depression

Being in contact with babies helps moms to release oxytocin (love hormones). It also helps new mothers to gain confidence in taking care of their newborn because babies are content and happy in the baby carrier. When babywearing, mums are also able to do simple things independently while keeping the baby close. The best is when both baby and mom are able to go for a walk under the sun for a good dose of Vitamin D. 

4. Babywearing helps baby transition from the womb to the world gently

When babies are wrapped close to you during the day, versus being pushed around in a stroller, or playing by themselves in the crib, they are susceptible to the sights and sounds around you, while being in a safe space, snug in mama’s embrace. They are listening in on your every word, and observing your interactions with everyone. You might find yourself talking to them more when they are with you, which helps them develop their speech a lot faster. Your movement also helps stimulate the baby's vestibular system. 

 Photo credits to Denise Tay

5. Babywearing stabilises heart rate and body temperature

Skin to skin contact with the baby is known to regulate body temperature, respiration, heartbeat and increase blood oxygenation levels.

6. Babywearing promotes and supports your breastfeeding journey

The physical closeness between baby and mother triggers oxytocin production, which promotes and supports lactation. It also becomes easier for mum to read baby’s early hunger cues and latch on successfully while both are calm. Did you know that you can breastfeed in a baby carrier? The upright position allows the baby to drink deeply and comfortably, while the carrier allows for privacy while feeding in public.  

7. Babywearing reduces colic

Holding the baby in an upright position will help massage the baby’s abdomen which helps reduce acid reflux and colic, and soothes his discomfort.

8. Babywearing helps parents bond with their baby

New moms are known to bond with their baby through breastfeeding, but for those mothers who aren’t able to breastfeed their child, babywearing can help form that mother-child bond.

New dads crave the closeness with their babies that the mother experiences through breastfeeding. Dads will love holding their little one close for some one on one bonding time, which usually is a lot more difficult. The same goes for grandparents, who want to cuddle with their little one, they have the convenience of being hands free while the carrier is easy on their backs!

 Photo Credits to Kelly

9. Babywearing is convenient for the parent/ caregiver

There is nothing like snuggling with your baby and having your hands free at the same time to get your work done, attend to an older sibling, rush with your luggage at the airport, or handpick the freshest vegetables at the market. Babywearing gives you the freedom to do all this and more, all the while keeping your baby safe and comfortable inside a carrier.

10. Babywearing keeps the baby safe 

Babies are always putting things in their mouth, or crawling as fast as their little hands and legs will carry them to the nearest staircase, or rummaging through your kitchen cupboards. When you are out with a toddler who can walk, they seem to be disappearing in between clothes racks, running behind a toy train, or chasing the bubbles coming out of a toy store! Wearing your baby keeps them safe and in your control the whole time! You can also sense their needs faster, and attend to them before they start crying, be it for food, for nap time, or for when they are unwell.

 Photo credits to Aishah Jamal

11. Carriers are beautiful to wear

We make different types of beautiful carriers in stunning colours and designs, keeping in mind that a baby carrier can also be a style accessory. Our fabrics are sourced straight from Indian weavers, and are made of 100% natural fibres, which keep you cool and comfortable even in the hottest summers.

12. Babywearing makes travel easier

Whether travelling overseas or going out for a meal with the family, being able to babywear will come in handy. Not many places are stroller friendly too. Hence, it will be useful to have a lightweight carrier that can be folded compactly and kept away in your bag. When sightseeing on holiday, adults can continue even when their baby feels sleepy. This is because the baby is securely and comfortably resting in the carrier. Plus, adults are hands free to try that speciality ice-cream or sit and have a nice cuppa joe.

 Photo Credits to Denise Tay

Whatever problem you are trying to solve with your baby in tow, we have a carrier that’s right for you. Check out our beautiful range of ring slings and wraps, AnoonA and AseemA for newborns, and our Basic Full Buckles for the running toddler which comes in Standard and Toddler Size. We are always here to help you embark on the beautiful journey of babywearing!

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