Babywearing helps Dads bond with baby

Babywearing helps Dads bond with baby

As we move to an era where both parents are working, men are stepping up to the plate and sharing the parenting duties with their significant other.

A mother will always have their sacred bond of growing her baby in her for 9 months and enjoying that first skin to skin moment after delivery. The father does not get that intimate bond with his child. The first time the man gets to hold his child is unforgettable. 

“The first 3 things that came to my mind when I first held my child was pure happiness, surrealness and a new sense of responsibility” - Shawn

“It was a bittersweet moment as he was a preemie and could only be held after two weeks. However, the moment I held my son, it was a surreal feeling as if time had stood still” - Azmi

Babywearing a newborn allows the father to discover his parental footing easier and allows him to get that skin on skin time. They get to spend more time in close contact and get to know their child more intimately. 

How do Dads benefit from babywearing their children?

  1. A natural feel good hormone called ‘Oxytocin’ is released, which allows both father and baby to relax. This is similar to a baby settling down when he/she is held.
  2. When you babywear your child, having them so close to you, they are getting used to your voice, your smell and your movement. They identify you as their caregiver and feel safe with you.
  3. You are able to learn about your child’s cues and signals faster when you babywear them often.
  4. You are able to multitask! Being hands free allows you to go about your daily chores while caring for your child at the same time. 
  5.  You get to share your interest and hobbies with your mini best friend!

“Babywearing allows me and my baby to feel comfortable. Especially when it is for a long duration of time” - Shawn

“Babywearing frees up my hands to do other stuff. I do not have to worry about running after Arjun. Somehow, I feel like the carrier allows us to bond in a different way. When I look at hie sleeping in the carrier, or when he tries to pull your lip to get your attention, it feels like i bond with him more”- Vijay

There is no denying that most daughters look for characteristics she loves in her dad when choosing her life partner, similarly most sons look up to their father as a role model for the kind of dad that they would like to be. It all comes down to how involved their father has been from young. 

Babywearing allows you to get involved and be an equal part in parenting. You are there to shape the development of their core values and character. 

  • A child is more likely to develop better cognitive and language skills when a father is involved in their upbringing.
  • Children tend to have more self esteem and feel a sense of belonging when they have a prominent father figure.
  • Having a father who is always there for them, allows them to trust others and be trustworthy to others as well. 

Each time you babywear them and have those secret father-child conversations, your child is picking up communication cues. Each time you celebrate the tiny achievements they accomplish, you are building up their confidence. Each time you console them when they are scared, you are letting them know that  they can trust you to always be there to protect them

“I want him to grow up to be a good person and live a good life. Whatever he choose to do in life and whatever comes his way, I will always be there to support him and be his pillar” - Vijay

“I hope for him to never feel fear to face the world and I want him to aspire and be whatever he wants to be that makes him happy”- Azmi

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