Janna had an Epidural Failure

Janna had an Epidural Failure

“When I was pregnant…..” Raise your hand if you had a conversation with someone who used this famous line! We should always remember that people’s perception of your pregnancy journey is always derived from their own point of view and experiences. 

Janna experienced 3 induction, epidural failure and emergency cesarean. This is her story.

In 2013, Janna was happy and enjoying her pregnancy journey with her first  child. She had a fall one month before her due date, and had to have her leg in a cast. At her 38th week check up, she was told that her water bag was leaking! She was encouraged to be induced, the first of 3 induction, and to give birth that very day. They were in a state of shock. At that moment, Janna was contemplating between going home to monitor or listening to the doctor.

Doula Fadillah highlighted that there is actually a test that can be done to test if your amniotic fluid is actually leaking. Admitted and induced, what happened next? Click here to carry on listening to find out!

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