Jane didn't know she was pregnant!

Jane didn't know she was pregnant!

We sat down with social media influencer, Jane Surin and her husband, Zak to learn about their surprise baby journey. 

Due to the nature of her job, she only found out she was pregnant at 4 months! They say home pregnancy kits are only 99% accurate. Who knew Jane would be part of the 1%. She was having all the signs. Her menstruation was late and her belly was growing. However, it was only after being scared by her mom into checking, did Jane set up a consultation with a doctor. All along, she was sure that she was not pregnant! 

When the doctor told them the news, Zak was not prepared for it. Was he ready to be a dad? Is the baby going to hinder his job prospects. Zak admitted that at that moment, the thought of abortion ran in his mind. Till today, he has that guilt running through him every time he sees his daughter. Fatherhood changes a man for the better. Nothing else mattered to him other than his wife and his daughter. It was a beautiful moment he will never forget.

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