Having a Doula helps & Postpartum Challenges

Having a Doula helps & Postpartum Challenges

Have you ever felt the need to have some "Me'' time away from baby? Ever felt this immense guilt for even thinking that? You are not alone mummy! Also, please be assured that there in no shame to need some time for yourself every once in a while. In fact, it is actually healthy to take time to regroup and rest before continuing to provide nothing but the best for your family. 

Once we welcome baby into the world, it is important for us mummies to take care of our needs while taking care of baby. It can be as simple of going out of the house alone, while someone is taking care of baby of course, just to have a soothing beverage. It would also help to start a routine with baby earlier on so that you have a schedule you can follow. This allows you to not feel overwhelmed with the things you need to do. It is also a good reminder to yourself, like ''Hey! You have done what needs to be done for baby, now it is time for yourself mommy!''

In this episode, we chat with Andrea who experienced Postpartum Depression after giving birth to both her first and second child. She could not get into the routine and felt that she could not spend time to care for herself. What was her breaking point? How did she overcome her depression? Click here to find out. 

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This podcast is facilitated by Nurjanna Ng, Director of Soul Singapore and Fadillah Yusope, Doula at Birth Mayya.

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