Debunking Confinement Myths with Jane

Debunking Confinement Myths with Jane

The second pregnancy for Jane seemed easier for her. She knew what she wanted and she understood more of what was happening. After the epidural kicked in, Jane dilated somewhat quickly and they could already see their son’s head peeking through. They delivered within 5 mins! Doula Fadillah highlighted that this is the reason why moms should try and avoid having a cesarean for the first birth. Having a cesarean for the first birth, will make labour for the second time even harder.

Jane confided in Janna that with all the information and experience she has had with her 2 births, she would want to go all natural for her future pregnancies. Going for birth classes with a doula would further prepare you mentally for what is to come. They explain what you could do to prepare for labour. From diet, to exercises you should do and yoga positions to attempt to have a smooth delivery. They are beneficial to dads as well! They get to learn how to be a “doula” for their wife. 

Both Jane and Zak then went on to ask about some confinement rules that they were asked to follow. Jane was skeptical about some of them, but soon made the connection between skipping confinement and having severe chills for weeks after her delivery. Click here to carry on listening about certain confinement rules that are most probably myths. 

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This podcast is facilitated by Nurjanna Ng, Director of Soul Singapore and Fadillah Yusope, Doula at Birth Mayya.

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