How to choose your Soul carrier

How to choose your Soul carrier

At Soul, you will be spoilt for choice when deciding which carrier to purchase for baby and you.

Check out the Carrier Comparison Chart here.

We have 6 types of carriers:

Adjustable Full Buckle Carriers (AnoonA & AseemA)
Designed specially with newborns in mind

Basic Size 1
Holds bigger babies comfortably with a strong supportive base

Basic Size 2
Similar to the Basic Size 1 carrier in terms of functionality, but wider and taller to accommodate preschoolers comfortably

A Japanese adapted back carry carrier

Ring sling
Single shoulder carry, perfect for newborns of any size and quick ups for toddler

Woven wrap
A carrier that has no hardware yet is easily customisable for any shape/size, and provides ample support

How do you begin the selection?

  1. Shortlist carriers that are suitable for your baby’s age. 

    Newborns 0-6 months: AseemA, AnoonA, Ring Slings and Woven wraps
    Infants 6 months - 12 months: Aseema, Basic Size 1, Onbuhimo, Ring Slings, Woven Wraps
    Toddlers 12 months - 24 months: In between age of Basic Size 1 and Basic Size 2. Aseema could give this perfect fit due to its adjustable capability.
    Toddlers / Preschoolers 24 months and above: Basic Size 2 and Woven Wraps

  2. Determine which carrier has the carry position that you need

    Front carry with baby facing in, is the basic position for a baby of any age. It is the position which most babies like. However, there will be instances where you need to carry your baby in other positions. Here are the list of carriers with other carrying positions for your reference.

    Front Carry - All carriers
    Side/Hip Carry - AnoonA, Ring Sling and woven wraps
    Back Carry - AnoonA, AseemA, Woven Wrap, Onbuhimo and Basic Carrier
    Facing Forward Carry - AnoonA

  3. If there is more than one carrier that suits your preferences in the above selection, choose a carrier that is the simplest for you to begin with.

    You need a carrier that is easy for you to use and wear comfortably, because your priority is to calm your baby down in the carrier. Hence, we recommend that you try out different carriers before you invest in one.

    Based on popularity, full buckle carriers are the easiest carrier to start with.  

  4. Choose the material you prefer

    We have 2 types of materials- linen and cotton.

    Soul’s linen is soft when brand new. It is lightweight and some may feel it’s much more breathable as compared to cotton.

    However, cotton has this floppy softness that everyone likes, as it has that nice feeling of being wrapped in a cozy blanket. Soul uses 100% natural fibres, and the weaving techniques used make our cotton  carriers suitable for the summer.

    For newborns, we recommend our linens and gradient cottons for its thinness. The general rule of thumb is: the denser the material, the better the support is when carrying a heavier child. For newborns, you will find thin material easier to manage due to their tiny size. :)
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