Gift Ideas for New Moms!

Gift Ideas for New Moms!

When someone we know is having a baby, most of us can't resist purchasing cute stuff for the new arrival, especially for the babyshower! From clothes to toys to story books. Everywhere we look, there is something adorable to buy for the baby. BUT LET’S NOT FORGET MOM. The mom who brought the little one into the world! Gifting practical gifts to a new mom during the babyshower is a wonderful way to celebrate her motherhood journey and show your support! 

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1) Time and space.

Give the new mom some time to recover and enjoy her precious baby. Giving birth may sometimes go by in a blur and quality alone time for mom and baby can be limited. We may all be excited to visit the newborn, but the best gift of all is to allow the new parents to have their space to themselves. To soak it all in. Always check on their availability before showing up. 

2) Check off her To-do list.

In the first few weeks back home, new moms would be finding out a new routine with the baby. With figuring out the new feeding and nap time situations, new moms are likely to be sleep deprived and exhausted. Checking of some of her to-do list will give the new mom the time she needs with her baby.

Offer to take care of the household chores! There are companies who offer part time helper service if you can’t be there for yourself.

  • Helpling is a top rated cleaning service company in Singapore. Their cleaning pros have at least 2 years of experience working as a full-time helper in Singapore before joining Helpling as a full time cleaner
  • Booking and scheduling cleaning sessions are made easy for new moms with Helpling’s App.
  • Use Promo Code: soul25 to enjoy 25$ off the first cleaning session, applicable to new customers only.

Do her grocery shopping for her! You can also arrange groceries sent to her doorstep via Redmart and Fairprice. Let the new mom pick the items she needs and add in packets of diapers and wet wipes too, because we all know how fast a baby can go through them. We are sure both mommy and baby will appreciate them!

For some new moms, having a companion at home and babysitting her baby while she takes a loooong shower will give her great relief too. 

3) Good food makes Mums happy

New moms may not have the time or energy to cook up meals or may fear eating in restaurants with newborn hence, they may prefer quick to go meals. Ordering daily confinement meals for new moms will allow them to have 1 less thing to worry about. Ensuring that they are getting all the nutrients they need will increase their recovery. Some of the popular confinement food caterers we see in the market are listed below. BOOK EARLY though… :)

Moms with a sweet tooth will also enjoy lactation goodies and not feel guilty. These lactation cookies and brownies are made with wholesome ingredients that can help to boost breast milk. Happy moms also tend to produce more milk.  

Crafted with all natural ingredients traditionally used to support milk supply. Singapore Lactation Bakes is having a breastfeeding week promotion only for this weekend (1st and 2nd August). Use Promo Code "Breastfeedingweek20" for a 12% off their a la carte bakes as you are checking out from their website.

4) Items that helps baby sleep

When the baby sleeps, mums will have some free time for themselves. So what helps baby sleep? They need to be in an environment they know that is safe, like a parent's arm and chest for the familiar scent. Using an alternative that helps baby calm down may also work. 

  • A well fed baby, sleeps better! Breastfed or bottle fed, babies are always calm and satisfied after a feed. 

“I am a strong believer that breastmilk is best for your child. I have breastfed all my four children for a 10-year stretch. It is not an easy journey but it’s certainly the most fulfilling and rewarding one. It gets easier when you have a strong support system at home and fellow mummies cheering you on. Empowered women empower women, always!” – Hegen’s CEO and Founder, Yvon Bock

For Breastfeeding Awareness Week, Hegen is selling the Hegen Double Electric Breast Pump (UP$450) at $50 off on their e-store  from 1-7 Aug 2020. Use Promo code: HEGENBFWEEK


  • Baby Carrier! The warm cuddles and gentle sway will take baby to lala land quickly.
  • Naturally made sleepy balms: a naturally made concoction that calms their nerves which helps them fall asleep. A local brand we are loving is Momma Dee!

Momma Dee provides products that are lovingly handcrafted using only the highest grade of Essential Oils and organic ingredients. They have a bundle consisting of essentials a newborn needs.

- Breathe Easy helps with any respiratory discomfort, while strengthening the immune system. 

- Tummy Yummy is great to relief colic and stomach aches.

- Skin Soft is a gentle blend to soothe any skin related conditions like eczema, heat rash and diaper rash.

- Calming is a perfect blend that can be used as a massage oil that aids sleep. 

- Teething Soothing Roll On to soothe any teething pain for those growing milk teeth.

  • Swaddles, mimics the feeling like when a baby is in the womb or being cuddled in a carrier. Works wonder when mom need some me time.

  • Rockers: babies loves the swaying motion because they have been experiencing it since they were in the womb.
5) Active moms will appreciate Baby Carriers 

Moms feel empowered when they have 2 free hands. A baby carrier allows new moms to continue bonding with her little one while being hands free to get other things done. Babies in carrier are calmer because they can hear their mother’s heartbeat and feel their warmth. They stay asleep longer so mom can continue with chores. 

Babywearing makes visits to the doctor for regular check ups easier, especially during the initial few months. It may also boost new moms’ confidence to bring their baby out alone, without fumbling with big objects. Riding on trains and buses are easier too. 

The most popular newborn carrier is AseemA and AnoonA. We will support your loved ones throughout their babywearing journey. 

Choosing a baby carrier can be a very personal experience. Get a SoulSingapore store credit Gift Card for the new Mama so that she can choose a carrier that she personally likes!

6) Gifting Post natal massage sessions

After all the sleepless nights, constant carrying and feedings in odd positions, a good relaxing massage will do mom some good. An hour or 2 away from the baby while someone gently loosens the knots in Mom’s body will help to release stress and help her feel rejuvenated again to take on the mothering challenges positively.  

Gift her a massage oil blend from Momma Dee! ‘For Her’ is a concoction that helps to expel all the leftover blood clots after birth, reset and regulate the menstrual cycle and balances the body’s hormones. Get her masseuse to use this blend for her post natal massage.

They say it takes a village to raise a child. Having the support and help of family and friends will allow new moms to embrace her motherhood journey. We at Soul Singapore would like to be part of that “village” to help raise a child and support the new mom! <3 

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