Babywearing While Pregnant

Babywearing While Pregnant

You have been into babywearing with you first born and you love the benefits babywearing has. You wish to continue babywearing even with baby number 2 on the way but you are not too sure how to. Soul has got you covered!

What you should consider when babywearing while pregnant:

1. Consult with your medical professional.

Before attempting babywearing, check with your medical professional to ensure that you are physically able to babywear. Every pregnancy is different and it is important that we listen to our body.

2. While babywearing, it is important to listen to your body cues.

What felt comfortable at the beginning of your pregnancy may not feel as comfortable later on. The ideal carry position for you may vary throughout your pregnancy journey. Babywearing should not feel comfortable or cause pain. Thus if you do feel uncomfortable, it may be time to take a break from babywearing.

3. Explore your carrier options.

Buckle carriers, Wraps, Ring Slings and Onbuhimos are some of the carriers you can use while pregnant. Choose one which you feel comfortable in and it may not be the same one which you have been using before you were pregnant. When wearing a carrier with a waistband, you can buckle it above or below your bump depending on what feels right for you at that moment.

If you are planning to buy a buckle carrier for your newborn and would like to have one which can also fit your elder ones, consider the adjustable buckle carrier like AnoonA and AseemA. Read about the difference here.

4. Start practicing with baby carry early.

Back carrying will take some time to get used to, especially for your toddler. They may struggle the very first time you attempt to back carry and it is completely normal. It is a foreign concept to them at that point. Practice back carrying your toddler earlier so that when it's time to make way for your growing belly, you are able to transition to a back carry efficiently. Check out this video on our YouTube channel: Soul Baby Carriers.

Tip: Practice the back carry at home next to a bed/sofa, and with someone to watch your back would be useful. Also practice after your toddler’s basic needs are met. They tend to be more willing and cooperative then. In a familiar setting like your home, they will feel secure and struggle less.

5. Weight distribution.

Ring Slings are fast and easy to use. They are great for easy ups and downs. However, as all the weight is put on one shoulder and it may be uncomfortable in the long run. Plus, prolonged weight on one side is not the best for your pelvic bone alignment, which is vital during labour. Two-shoulder carriers will allow for even weight distribution on your body. 

6. Consider using an Onbuhimo

Buckle carriers and some wrap techniques will need you to buckle the waistband or tie the ends over or under your belly. Using a waistless back carrier will feel more comfortable as there is no pressure on your bump. The Onbuhimo also supports a higher back carry which will not put too much pressure on your back. View Soul Onbuhimo collection here. 

7. Babywear your baby bump

If you have cravings to babywear, but are not able to do so, babywear your baby bump instead. It helps to relieve stress off your lower back especially during the last trimester. Here’s some ways to look dressy with wraps and ring slings

Ultimately, it is safe for you to babywear while pregnant. Remember to take it a day at a time and always listen to your body. Babywearing should be a pleasant experience for all.

You can refer to our babywearing videos on YouTube on how to use the various carriers. The technique is the same, you just need to reposition where necessary to feel comfortable.

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