Our Story

We are a family run business started by parents of two young children who are on a mission to reach parents and caregivers everywhere with the freedom that is babywearing.  Chinmayie, our founder, started the business from home in 2014 when she couldn’t find quality baby carriers for herself in India. She loved babywearing to keep her baby physically close to her, while her hands were free to do her daily chores, or take care of her older child.

She wanted every parent to experience the difference babywearing can make in their life, so she invested a lot of time in educating parents about the benefits of babywearing; and once they saw the light, there was no stopping her! Soon, her partner Ravindra joined her in the business, and together they have built the largest baby carrier brand in India.


Soul in Singapore  

Singapore has made us feel loved every time we visited, so when the time came to set up an office outside of India in 2018, the Lion City was our first choice. We love being able to interact with our audience in Singapore on a personal level, thanks to Nurjanna Ng, a certified Babywearing Educator. Her certification by Die Trageschule Dresden, Germany, enables her to help countless Singaporean moms, dads, grandparents and other caregivers to wear their babies with confidence. She, along with Soul believe in producing high quality products, and are on a mission to educate more parents about the benefits of bonding with the baby through safe babywearing.

Janna is a passionate babywearer, having worn both her kids since 2013. She is a babywearing aficionado, who can wrap anyone in a ring sling, wrap, or buckle carrier in her sleep! So if you do spot her on the streets of Singapore, feel free to pick her brain on how to babywear better!


Soul Safety

All our baby carriers are ergonomically designed by experienced babywearers & trained babywearing educators who are parents who have worn their own babies. All our carriers are  tested for the strictest international standards. We use 100% natural fiber textiles (premium linen & cotton) for all our carriers, which make them light & breathable, so you can be sure your baby is safe and comfortable in them!

We know your babies love to nibble on everything around them, which is why we use only baby safe dyes for all our products. Every little hook & strap that goes into making our carriers is of the highest quality available, because we know your baby deserves only the best.


Soul Ethics

We have a great relationship with our weavers, with whom we work closely to produce the high quality, durable, & strong fabric with which we make all our products. The material used for all our products is fair trade, ethically sourced, & is made of 100% natural fibres.

When you have a product from Soul in your hands, know that it was lovingly handmade in our workshop in Bangalore, India, by working mothers from the local community.


Soul for Society

We are proud of our 96% women workforce, whom we empower by offering them flexible work hours, encouraging them to take up professional training, and ultimately become stronger team players within our organisation. We employ women from the local community who have blossomed into confident team leaders & designers through our training programme.

We believe in a fair wage for all our team members, which is why we pay 15% more than the industry standard for our team members in our factory. The work environment that we have created for our team members in our factory is unlike any in the Indian garment industry. They work in a bright & airy environment, with ample natural light, & have access to clean toilets. We follow all the standards set by Indian labour laws, & ensure that any overtime work, if at all, is paid for.

We want them to truly be a part of our growing team, so we take them for team retreats once a year, which instills a sense of belonging in them.

We are proud of our work in supporting our women in what is most important for them- the education of their children. We grant interest free loans to all our women who need the financial support to put their children through school.

We feel strongly about every child having access to quality education, which is why we ensure that there has been no child labour involved at any stage of the manufacturing process of our Soul products.


Soul for Green

We believe that we have to be responsible to our society and our environment, and there is always more for us to do. Our conscious decision to work with a manufacturer who uses solar & wind energy to power their plant, is a step towards reducing our carbon footprint. Our packaging has no print on it, which is another conscious decision to avoid the use of harmful chemicals. We pioneered a change in the elaborate billing process of our logistics provider by optimising their invoice delivery system, which has considerably reduced their carbon footprint.